12 January 2012

iphone concept with transparent and flexible

 iphone new concept with transparent and flexible

No one knows about the next gen iPhone, most of the people believe that it will feature the same design as the iPhone 4.

The concept image below tells us that the next gen iPhone will have a transparent  flexible design with orange Apple logo.There is not news that Apple products are among the most beautiful products on the market. With a futurist design, a new Apple concept catching, this times an iPhone concept smartphone with a flexible and transparent screen.

Samsung has already announced that introduce on the market products with transparent screens starting with 2012, and we can say that is the moment also for Apple to take a step forward and to comes on the market with futuristic products – such as the concept.In pictures you can admire an iPhone concept with transparent and flexible display. These technologies already exist, remains only to be integrated into new smartphones.
If the next generation of iPhone will be included these two technologies listed above, we can say that is be a huge leap between the 4th generations which is on the market and next-generation of iPhone.

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  1. Great! As I have heard so much about iPhone's transparent and flexible concept. As the post really shows some of most useful and essential information about this concept in this source. It's truly looking one of massive contented source for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Hire iPad App Developer thanks for comment and visiting my blog (^-^)v


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