19 April 2012

What Blossoms Say

need to tell your crush how much you adore him or her??
or too proud to say you're sorry??
let flowers do the talking. A picture may paint a thousand words, but flowers speak volumes. flowers represent many things: friendship, love, loyalty, devontion,even jealousy.

the use of flowers to communicate feeling was all the rage in early nineteenth century Europe. Dictionaries on the meanings of flowers were written, becoming a must-have for lovers.

 China aster
"I will think of thee"

"Our love shall endure"

Purple hyacinth
"Please forgive me"

striped carnation
"sorry I can't be with you"

White rosebud
"I too young to love"

"Your true friend"

Blossoming Lotus
"I still love you"

Orange lily
"I hate you"

Sweet pea
" I'm sorry, I must leave"

Yellow Tulip
"There's sunshine in your smile"

16 Celoteh:

  1. Kunjungan pagi mbaaak
    wah ternyata setiap bunga memiliki arti yang berbeda
    aku pengen dikasih yang blossoming Lotus ^^

  2. Kalau gw seperti bunga apa yah ka?? #dikemplang

  3. @rizki_ris pengennya dikasih sama siapa blossoming lotusnya?? sama sang pujaan hati ya.....

  4. @Uzay ^,^ hmmm apa ya........ bunga geranium ^v^ (persahabatan)

  5. so the flower have language... nice, i see now

  6. Wah bunga rupanya mengandung arti juga ya..

  7. @cik awi yupz... bunga mempunyai arti, yang mana bisa mewakili kata-kata.

  8. emmm aku white rosebud kali ya hehe :) ternyata bunga bisa mengungkapkan banyak ekspresi :D

  9. @Youko hhmmmmm......
    yupz banyak ekspresi yang bisa diungkapkan lewat setangkai bunga....

  10. @anyPurple hyacinth, telah membuatmu keselek.. tapi aku Sweet pea, jangan kawatir Geranium

  11. it so sweet, i never know it...

  12. cantik banget bunganya,, baru tau kalau punya arti juga,, hehehe


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