05 December 2015

Cute Korean Ringtones

Cute Korean Ringtone and Korean Drama Ringtone
Hello guys!! Today I will share my korean ringtones collection, some of them korean drama ringtone.  Every korean drama has the different ringtone when korean people pick up their phone then you'll adore.
It is not much but I hope you like it. Below is a list and download links .

Korean Drama Ringtones
You're Beautiful (piano ver)
Three Bears (Han Ji eun Full House)
Lee Gyu Won Ringtone (Heartstring)
Lovin Ice Cream (Lie to Me)
Hello Miss
Piano Instrumental Eun-woo (briliant Legacy)
Kim Nana Ringtone (City Hunter)

Ringtones Boys Before Flowers
Moon River
BOF-Parody my mobile is stupid
BOF-When you're having a hard time reply to my mesage
yoon ji hoo_cellphone ringtone

Ringtones Secret Garden
Munja Wa shong (Gil Ra Im ringtone)
Munja Wa shong (ver Joo woon)
Here I am (piano ver)
You are my spring (piano ver)

Ringtones 49 Days
Scheduler_Hurry Answer the call
Scheduler_Switch off
Teardrop tone

Ringtones Love Rain
Jung Hana Ringtone
Love Rain Message Tone
Love Rain Message2 Tone

Ringtone My girlfriend Gumiho
Korean Beef
Hoi Hoi Message Tone

Ringtone You're The best Lee Soon Shin
Lee Soon Shin Tone
Lee Soon Shin2 Tone
Message on this way

Korean Message Tones
Who is it
Honey you've got a message
I sent it
Wow another message
A phone is coming parody
Oppa please answer your phone
You have a message
Hey..wassup munja wass oh
You have a call not its a text
Sweet Candy Melody
Owner Doesn't Have Boyfriend
Oppa Please Reply Me
Noona Take Ur_Message
Message From Darling
Korean Baby
I Want Message_I Want U
Birthday Song
You are my angel
Cute Korean 'Okay'
Mum its daebak
anycall alarm tone
Oppa Sarange
Korean SMS

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